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IntelliParticle invents, manufactures, and licenses a revolutionary formulation of industrial carbon and graphite particles that create heat when provided with a low electrical charge.

It can be used in very small inexpensive amounts and utilized within the composition of variety of materials, products, fixtures, and applications to produce heat, provide shielding properties and with the power of Thermal Exchange, cooling properties for your desired purpose

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Industrial Use

We are committed to bringing this technology to market in a variety of forms and applications and are keen to collaborate with manufacturers as well as technology-based companies and organisations to commercialise this product.

IntelliParticle Innovation

Our products have use in construction, product design, EMR sheilding, aeronautical application, automotive and scientific.

If you would like to find out more about our product range of unique carbon graphite particulate solutions, please contact Greg Hancock on 0411 550 652.

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Are you interested in Innovating with us using the unique heating, shielding or cooling properties of IntelliParticle? We are looking for people like you who will help us deliver IntelliParticle to the marketplace.


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