IntelliParticle Coatings


Our IntelliParticle particulates can be dispersed into many different vehicles. We have been able to achieve results with high temperature resins, polymers and acrylics.

Some of the paint resins we are working with are able to tolerate temperatures over 400°C.

Our core product called HEATPAINT is a simple acrylic, capable of temperatures of 200°C.

Our underfloor solution for heating offers a painted product that comfortably sits at 30°C and is very economical to run.

Plug it in – Turn it on – Heat it up

We are in the middle of an energy crisis. IntelliParticle has invented a patented solution for low energy heating elements.

Our patented product is very energy efficient and simple to apply. IntelliParticle products can be solar powered/240volts/D.C.

We have emerged from an R&D phase of 5 years with solid prototypes and growing external validation of our claims with real corporate customers.


A versatile coating

IntelliParticle’s organic versatility allows it to be applied and evenly dispersed over multidimensional surfaces as a paint by spraying, or screen printed onto glass and other flat substrates. For the purpose of heating, our formulations can also be incorporated into any medium that can tolerate heat, including resin, glass frit, polymer, ceramic, masonry, cement and carbon fibre products.

Unlike conventional electric heating elements, our product can be applied directly to where the heat is required. Direct transfer of thermal energy to the substrate creates mechanical efficiency and offers significant power and performance efficiencies over conventional electric heating elements.

Our coatings can also be overcoated to suit any colour scheme – characteristics like this and its low profile when applied as a coating, open new possibilities for product design.

Our formulations can also be used for other purposes, for example:

• Shield against electromagnetic frequencies
• Create a cooling effect in heat exchange coils


Electrical efficiency claims

Our glass frit can be enameled directly to high temperature glass, minimising thermal transfer loss. An application example is in conventional cooktop design, where the wire element is 8mm below the glass to prevent electrical transfer into the glass and to a saucepan. Our solution, enamelled directly to the glass, creates a slimline cooktop with minimal thermal loss. One of our current investigations is into the electrical properties of the Schott Ceran glass at elevated temperatures over 300° Celsius.

An independent study by Choice Magazine showed a 30% improvement in thermal transfer with our glass cooktop.


Unique characteristics

IntelliParticle has created a number of electrothermic compositions which are stable and have a near zero temperature coefficient of resistance. In addition to their stability, other key advantages include:

• The resistance can be calibrated to suit the desired application requirement. This is achieved by varying the amount of graphite in the formulation.

• The ability to control the level of heat produced – as the compositions have a near-zero TCR, small changes in the current lead to predictable changes in the energy output.

• Accommodation of different substrates without delamination at temperatures over 200°C.

• Efficient electricity use compared to metallic compositions, which form metal oxides over time, impeding the electrical current which causes inefficiency.

• Flexibility provided by application of the composition as a coating by brush, roller, spray or screen printing.

• The emissivity and thermal efficiency of our product is created by direct bond to substrate which eliminates losses.


Market potential

Using our world patented refinement processes, we are able to create a new generation of carbon and graphite composites, with properties that until now, were beyond reach. We see applications in the following markets:
1. Industrial “uniform heating” applications, for example: heat sealing and curing of automotive coatings.
2. Domestic heating – the largest single electricity use for most consumers in the winter can be reduced significantly by the use of panels or radiators making use of IntelliParticle’s electrothermal compositions. Specifically heating walls, underfloor heating and space heaters.
3. Hot water – for heat exchangers, the current solutions rely on inefficient alternatives to our solution.
4. We have embedded our product in a flexible rubber membrane and achieved a unique waterproof under floor heating solution in conjunction with Ardex.
5. We have created a food display warmer.
6. Coating heat exchange surfaces of old and corroded HVAC units to improve thermal transfer efficiency in coils.


Underfloor heating – electrically heated carbon-coatings for concrete and other substrates.

Our coatings can be applied to multidimensional surfaces and the heat can be delivered over a larger surface area, serving thermal heat directly to the desired location. IntelliParticle can either be applied as a paint or combined within a variety of substances and materials such as inks, polymers, resins, concrete, fabric and glass. We are seeking distributors / manufacturers to get our products and prototypes to market.

Defence Collaboration

Pictured: Greg Hancock (IntelliParticle), Mike Hartas (REDARC) and Karl Falzon (FormCut).


REDARC is pleased to be announced as the winner of the Defence Teaming Centre (DTC) Teaming Award 2019 in collaboration with fellow Australian SME’s FormCut and IntelliParticle.


REDARC Thermal Signature Enhancement Kit: A Case Study in Defence Collaboration

Industrial Use

We are committed to bringing this technology to market in a variety of forms and applications and are keen to collaborate with manufacturers as well as technology-based companies and organisations to commercialise this product.


We are able to heat seats, floors, door jambs, steering wheels, in fact, just about any surface you can apply a coating to, including pipes and engine sumps and other part.


IntelliParticle is working on a range of new and innovative products for the construction sector.


Our patented industrial carbon and graphite products have great potential for increased efficiency in power transmission.


IntelliParticle offers effective shielding for sensitive electronics. Electronics and sensors in modern cars assume more and more critical tasks and are highly integrated into Electronic Control Units (ECU).

 Battery Cell Technology

Our materials can improve high power efficiency of battery cells due to their unique high conductivity.


Airplane parts icing up is a significant problem to operational safety and performance. Our products can be applied to areas of compound curve in situations where traditional heating elements are difficult to incorporate.


Our products have incredibly diverse uses around the home, from plumbing, kitchen appliances to driveway de-icing and mould reduction.

 Product Design

Our product can heat up to 800° Celsius – it can be applied to multidimensional surfaces and used in novel ways to incorporate heating, opening up new possibilities for product and appliance design.


IntelliParticle’s carbon and graphite solutions can be incorporated into woven materials to achieve heated clothing.