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IntelliParticle has developed a range of large scale tank and armoured vehicle thermal targets. The targets are designed to assist with live training for target acquisition. The thermal signature can register quickly for live trial firing targets.

The size of the target can be designed to meet any requirement. Our team have vast experience designing quickly and economically target solution in different environments. We also have solutions for high humidity, tropical and wet weather target design. The HeatPaint solutions are low voltage and can be married to existing target systems or as a stand alone product. The addition of thermal properties to thermal targets greatly influences the real life requirement of target acquisition.

Our product is a patented conductive heatpaint that is simply painted onto non conductive surface like plywood or corflute and when low voltage is applied it heats up. Temperature can be achieved from 26°c to over 100°Celsius. The power supply can be 12volt or 24 volt.Many of our solutions can run on 9volt batteries.

We will travel to your base and define solution for your unique onsite requirements and within the hour paint you a heated element and it will be available for your soldiers to blow up!

Thermal Targets
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Thermal Targets

Our unique Thermal targets

We have a patented acrylic conductive paint that when applied to any non conductive surface can be plugged into low voltage /batteries and the target will heat up with a controllable thermal signature.

Marketplace thermal targets

As you would be aware most available targets currently in market rely on passive heat reflection to create thermal definition , using reflective tape and passive target with black and white designs. In Australia still many defence units are using very primitive ideas to emulate heat signatures such as hot coals & electric blankets!

We have an enormous organic interest in our offering in this exclusive area of training with thermal targets. It appears the rise and development of thermal scopes and detection has outrun the testing processes.

There are expensive heated solution ,however, none that can provide a cheap “throw away” concept that is reliable, cost effective and tested and suitable to blow up!


Thermal Targets

Target types

We have been working directly with army in refining two distinct products:
1. Small arms/sniper targets -good for calibrating scope and live training with both pop up and fix styled structures .

Thermal Target

A3 size target

2. Large targets for tank & armed vehicle live fire exercise. 1.2m x 2.4m

The targets can be shot many times and will continue to work as long as electrode is intact . As the heatpaint will, even if shot numerous times, continue to function unlike a wire technology .


Thermal Targets

Target acquisition

We are also skilled in connection to existing target field systems and our product can be integrated or operate as stand alone. The thermal target can assist tank crews spot enemy pop up shapes on 5-kilometre tank field training exercises.

We are a small and very creative onsite to analyse and find simple solutions that otherwise would involve years of collaboration ,We understand different environments require unique design and have developed solutions to waterproofing with overcoats and encapsulation, multiple fire & solution to repair ,fast heat up rate within 5-10 seconds and cool down.


We have coated our targets with our (USA/World patented ) low voltage acrylic paint and when plugged into battery or low voltage power the target heats up. The core of our patent is a TCR of 0 meaning our carbon /graphite formulation in various resins has a close to 0 change in resistance when electrical current is applied. This unique property ensures the product doesn’t “run away” to combustion under electrical charge.


Thermal Targets

How to create a target in 15mins!

Any size thermal target can be created.
1. Select non conductive substrate ( we are currently using plywood and corflute)
2. Place self adhesive copper electrode left and right to create element
3. Paint heatpaint on & between the electrode  (our paint is the resistor and heats up )
    – blow dry with heatgun gentle low setting
4. Test resistance with multi metre ideal resistance for 12volts is 5 ohms (if needed give a second coat resistance will lower)
5. Plug into power source attenuate power to achieve required thermal signature

Defence application

There are many other potential uses for our products and we are keen to explore these with you.

Our range of low voltage heating elements are uniquely suitable to defence as power supply in remote locations can be limiting. Some ideas we have discussed:

Warmth for Emergency Medical
Food warming
Comprehensive aerial view decoy campsites
Low voltage cooktops . We have a high temperature glass frit that can be enamelled to high temperature glass.
Equipment/communication batteries operating in below 0 temperatures
Heated clothing panels

Our heating elements are a solution to these uses and can be created on any non-conductive surface.

Thermal countermeasure systems

Product for you to trial

The product speaks for itself and perhaps first steps is we send you some finished target products along with some paint for you to experiment with?

Thermal Targets

How they work

Our thermal signatures are created by resistance of graphite to electrical current. With the application of our unique paint and varying the power source, we can “copy” or emulate thermal signatures and thereby affect a decoy that is extremely difficult for a guided ordinance to distinguish from a real source.

We can for example create a thermal signature of a truck wheel where the heat at the axil and centre of the tyre has different temperatures to the body of the tyre. We adjust paint thickness to effect differential conduction and therefore differing temperatures. This unique capability is only available by using a coating, wire technology cannot match cost effectiveness, or the discreetness of our targets.

Custom Heat Signatures

We have successfully created thermal targets for defence testing of missiles where the unique heat signature is required to decoy the ordinance.

The shape, size and dimension of the targets can be determined by your team, and we will construct and send to you anywhere in the world.

As seen at the recent Land Forces Expo in Brisbane (October 2022) we have successfully created large vehicle signatures, small scope targets and man-size targets – we can do any size or shape required.


Thermal Targets

12 Volt Heating Elements

Our range of low voltage heating elements are uniquely suitable to defence as power supply in remote locations.

Emergency Medical
Food warming
Comprehensive aerial view decoy campsites
Low voltage cooktops (120*C with 14volts 3 amps)
Equipment operating in below 0 temperatures
Heated clothing panels

Our heating elements are a solution to these uses and can be created on any non-conductive surface.

Thermal Image

Military Thermal Decoys

We can create whole thermal bivouacs with simple plywood using custom heat signatures. For example: thermal signatures of generators, BBQs, personnel, gas burners and more.

We match the thermal signature of objects with our HeatPaint to create decoy images. We can also create vehicle heat signatures that can present as accurate thermal targets.

Defence Collaboration

Next Steps

We would love the opportunity to present to your team either in a Teams or Zoom meeting .

Please send a list of questions and we will hopefully be able to answer and progress your discovery.

If you request product please send the best address for delivery and I will despatch immediately.

Thankyou again for your engagement, we understand you would be busy with many people pitching ideas to you .

I believe we have a unique solution to a growing thermal market place.

I look forward to next steps and working with you.

Pictured: Greg Hancock (IntelliParticle), Mike Hartas (REDARC) and Karl Falzon (FormCut).


REDARC is pleased to be announced as the winner of the Defence Teaming Centre (DTC) Teaming Award 2019 in collaboration with fellow Australian SME’s FormCut and IntelliParticle.


REDARC Thermal Signature Enhancement Kit: A Case Study in Defence Collaboration