Thermal Target


Our targets can have calibrated heat signatures.
IntelliParticle manufactures customised thermal targets that can be designed for your unique application. We can match the thermal signature of your chosen target with our unique resistive HeatPaint. The target is then connected to low voltage power supply or battery and radiates a predetermined heat signature with remarkable accuracy.

We have upgraded the performance of our targets by creating a rear panel with controllable temperature and mounted on this face a corflute silhouette that can be any shape.

This silhouette configuration creates a thermal signature as the corflute face reflects light and also creates a differential isolation to the rear heated panel. The front face reads as a different temperature than the rear and the rear panel temperature is controllable.

Thermal Targets
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Thermal Target - Corflute Variant

Battery Powered Heated Targets

Our targets are electrically heated and powered by batteries, offering the following benefits:

  • Versatile training options, usable both indoors and outdoors.
  • Performance unaffected by weather conditions.
  • Realistic simulation, as the target remains hot just like in actual combat scenarios.
  • Group training, allowing multiple shooters to target simultaneously from different angles.
Thermal Target - Corflute Variant

Powered by two 9volt batteries

Our thermal targets use IntelliParticle’s proprietary HeatPaint, which provides a heat signature that can be read by any thermal scope.

Powered by batteries, the targets can be fixed to a tree or post. The target will survive numerous shots if the conductive electrode at the perimeter is avoided.

Dimensions: 420mm x 300mm
Weight: 500grams
Material: Corflute
Power: batteries which will power the target for over one hour.
Warning: Do not plug larger battery supply or target will ignite.

1 target: $59.50 +gst
3 targets: $160.00 +gst
5 targets: $280.00 +gst

Thermal Targets

How they work

Our thermal signatures are created by resistance of graphite to electrical current. With the application of our unique paint and varying the power source, we can “copy” or emulate thermal signatures and thereby affect a decoy that is extremely difficult for a guided ordinance to distinguish from a real source.

We can for example create a thermal signature of a truck wheel where the heat at the axil and centre of the tyre has different temperatures to the body of the tyre. We adjust paint thickness to effect differential conduction and therefore differing temperatures. This unique capability is only available by using a coating, wire technology cannot match cost effectiveness, or the discreetness of our targets.

Defence application

We have successfully created thermal targets for defence testing of missiles where the unique heat signature is required to decoy the ordinance.

The shape, size and dimension of the targets can be determined by your team, and we will construct and send to you anywhere in the world.

As seen at the recent Land Forces Expo in Brisbane (October 2022) we have successfully created large vehicle signatures, small scope targets and man-size targets – we can do any size or shape required.


Thermal Targets

12 Volt Heating Elements

Our range of low voltage heating elements are uniquely suitable to defence as power supply in remote locations.

Emergency Medical
Food warming
Comprehensive aerial view decoy campsites
Low voltage cooktops (120*C with 14volts 3 amps)
Equipment operating in below 0 temperatures
Heated clothing panels

Our heating elements are a solution to these uses and can be created on any non-conductive surface.

Thermal Targets
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Thermal Image

Military Thermal Decoys

We can create whole thermal bivouacs with simple plywood using custom heat signatures. For example: thermal signatures of generators, BBQs, personnel, gas burners and more.

We match the thermal signature of objects with our HeatPaint to create decoy images. We can also create vehicle heat signatures that can present as accurate thermal targets.