We are in the middle of an energy crisis. IntelliParticle has invented a patented solution for low energy heating elements.

Our patented product is very energy efficient and simple to apply. IntelliParticle products can be solar powered/240volts/D.C.

We have emerged from an R&D phase of 5 years with solid prototypes and growing external validation of our claims with real corporate customers.

Heated Metal Panel

Heated Food Stand

Convection Heater Prototype

Heated Spa Bath

Oven Prototype

Carbon Impregnated Cloth Prototype

IntelliParticle invents, manufactures, and licenses a revolutionary formulation of industrial carbon and graphite particles that create heat when provided with a low electrical charge, Shield against electromagnetic frequencies and create a cooling effect with IntelliParticle Thermal Heat Exchange.

Our world patent pending product can be used in very small inexpensive amounts and utilised within the composition of a variety of materials, products, fixtures, and applications. IntelliParticle’s versatility allows it to be applied and evenly dispersed on multidimensional surfaces and it has successfully been incorporated into paint, polymers, resins, concrete, fabric, and glass.

The IntelliParticle mission from day one, was to show the world the amazing properties of carbon and graphite materials.

While there are various suppliers of raw carbon and graphite, IntelliParticle adds value to these materials with our proprietary processes. Our specialised team is able to take base materials and through our world patented refinement product and processes, we are able to create a new generation of carbon and graphite composites, with properties that until now, were beyond reach.

We are a solutions-focused company: easily able to apply our materials technology to allow manufacturers to reach new frontiers in material and product development.

Using scalable, in-house processes we provide easy to use, mass market solutions to a wide variety of industries.

With our exceptional materials expertise, we are able to improve manufacturing processes and assist product development across a range of industries and applications. We are able to build new and innovative products from start to finish while working in close technical and commercial cooperation with our customers and industry partners.

Our solutions provide a disruptive, new vision across various industry applications. Our products can address: granules, powders and master-batches, or applied substrates.

IntelliParticle’s qualified team of scientists, supported by a strong group of partners and investors are in a great position to achieve, where others have tried and failed.

Our success, makes IntelliParticle market leaders, innovators and sought-after industry partners in our field of expertise. Protecting the environment is part of Intelliparticle’s DNA and core value system. Our manufacturing and refining processes are designed for sound environmental protection and energy efficiency.


Cole Miller is typical of most hard working Australians humble, unbreakable, clever and resilient. Through diligence and tenacity Cole has absorbed science around him his whole life and through various roles working in paint factories and a vast cross section of industrial environments, he has collated skills and techniques working with carbons and graphite for various industries. Using these skills he has applied his intellect to observe and select a unique blend of particulates to create the unique “Intelli Particles”.

Cole will tell you he is not a chemist but he has an endless knowledge of chemistry. His expertise is as a carbon graphite particulate Scientist.

The bulk of his experimentation has been in his backyard with a domestic blender, cordless drill with beakers full of black embodiment spinning furiously!
What would take a team of scientist a month to research Cole achieves in hours with his own dramatic intellect and fast analysis.

He now has a small professional lab in Marrickville with Nano grinding machine, three ball mill, disperser, etc and a large kiln!

The results of his applied effort & intellect are remarkable a paint that when it drys is a highly conductive electrical element.

After mastering the product as a paint he has also created a glass paste impregnated with “Intelli Particle ” allowing the product to be enamelled at higher temperatures up to 800 degrees Celsius!

We are aiming to create a solar powered instantaneous glass hot water system and many other products.

Collaborate with IntelliParticle

Are you interested in Innovating with us using the unique heating, shielding or cooling properties of IntelliParticle? We are looking for people like you who will help us deliver IntelliParticle to the marketplace.


Greg Hancock  |  General Manager
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In the spirit of reconciliation IntelliParticle acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of country throughout Australia and their connections to land, sea and community. We pay our respect to their Elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.