We are in the middle of an energy crisis. IntelliParticle has invented a patented solution for low energy heating elements.

Our patented product is very energy efficient and simple to apply. IntelliParticle products can be solar powered/240volts/D.C.

We have emerged from an R&D phase of 5 years with solid prototypes and growing external validation of our claims with real corporate customers.


We are a start-up enterprise, our business model is to licence our intellectual property to manufacturers and individual companies.
We are keen to sell our particle, paints, inks and glass paste to you and licence to apply to your specific use.

The two vehicles we have begun with to collaborate with others are
1. A Business Licence and
2. A joint venture.

We have to establish proof of product, we have already committed and engaged in hours of research and development.


We have established our own laboratory in Marrickville, NSW for the purpose of creating prototypes of different ideas.
We have a nano grinder, three roll mill, a large kiln, dispersing machinery and the like to test and refine our particulates and their interface with various vehicles.
Our projects to date have involved working with our carbons & graphite, graphene, silver, glass pastes, nickel, carbon nanotubes, resins, polymers and various other chemicals to meet client needs.

Intelli Particle team members are committed to helping customers innovate with the product to explore the potential with their industrial applications. We are supported by a network of enthusiastic subcontractors and suppliers including paint and ink companies, chemical, glass and material suppliers keen to assist with business opportunities as they arise.

Projects currently underway

  • Commissioned to create a glass panel heating unit.
  • Commissioned to supply cans of EMR shield paint
  • Commissioned  to supply product for ice adhesion issue on power line in China
  • Commissioned to Shield fibre optic cable in machinery
  • Commissioned to develop glass solar hot water system
  • Commissioned to develop special paint for repair of thermal heat exchange inside large air-conditioning units

We are highly motivated to engage with you, we are only a small team at this stage but achieving great result for our customers.