We are in the middle of an energy crisis. IntelliParticle has invented a patented solution for low energy heating elements.

Our patented product is very energy efficient and simple to apply. IntelliParticle products can be solar powered/240volts/D.C.

We have emerged from an R&D phase of 5 years with solid prototypes and growing external validation of our claims with real corporate customers.

IntelliParticle Conductive Ink

Intelli Ink 101

Intelli Ink 101 is water based acrylic, non toxic and is created purely using our unique blend of carbon graphite pigments.

There are no metals used in our product that create a unique highly conductive response.

IntelliParticle Conductive Ink
IntelliParticle Conductive Ink

Technical Information:
Intelli Ink 101 can be screened on with a 27mesh to achieve surface resistivity of 60 ohms-100 ohms. For bulk orders we can lower the ohms to 6ohms.

Intelli Ink 101 is for use only with extra low voltage 12 volt power supply.

Intelli Ink 101 is flexible when dry, however, excessive movement once dry will encourage eventual cracking.

The base resin is similar to most ordinary water based house paint it is non toxic ,can be applied with a brush or roller, washed off with water and air dries in similar times 5-10mins.

The colour is black and can be painted over.

If more conductivity is required apply a second coat or create a thicker application. The viscosity of the product and conductivity for volume orders can be custom created to serve specific purposes 500 micons or 1/2 a millimetre thick.

Power Supply:
Intelli Ink 101 should only be used with extra low voltage DC 12 volt power source.

The product should never be used with higher voltage supply.

IntelliParticle Conductive Ink
IntelliParticle Conductive Ink

Prepare the site as you would with a regular house paint apply to clean dry surface perhaps sand lightly if required to bolster adhesion.

Intelli Ink 101 will perform like most acrylic water based paints and have superior adhesion to porous surfaces, paper & wood. It can be applied to glass, metal, plastic, textiles.

Intelli Ink 101 once dry needs to be viewed as a conductive element. The product is designed to operate as 12volt .Caution higher voltage is never to be applied to this product.

Children of all ages should be supervised with this product due to its conductive properties.

IntelliParticle Conductive Ink
IntelliParticle Conductive Ink

Intelli Ink 101 can be used to create extra low voltage electrical circuits for PCB discovery & schooling and repair printed circuit boards. Care must be taken to ensure the product is never used in or near live 240volt articles due to the conductive properties of the ink.