We are in the middle of an energy crisis. IntelliParticle has invented a patented solution for low energy heating elements.

Our patented product is very energy efficient and simple to apply. IntelliParticle products can be solar powered/240volts/D.C.

We have emerged from an R&D phase of 5 years with solid prototypes and growing external validation of our claims with real corporate customers.

How IntelliParticle can be used depends on the materials and application, environment and temperatures required.The surface area of the carbon and graphite components are selected tailored and engineered to suit the hostile environment your job requires the particles to perform in.

We are working with our clients to explore the potential for heated clothing, fabrics and textiles using IntelliParticle.

 The product provides:

  • Economic Heat production
  • Conductivity/Thermal stability
  • The Potential for EMI RAF/Microwave absorbency.

Screen printing ink

With our unique Carbon/Graphite alignment, IntelliParticle can be incorporated with ink and applied via a screen printing process to produce textiles and fabric that can be heated.

Examples: Heated clothing suitable for cold climates, survival blankets, curtains for EMR, Fabric seats, & furnishings.

We are constantly innovating, and exploring how we can use our particles within different substances and materials with each different medium offering new challenges.

We are exploring how slight modifications and master batching can create the best performance for film applications. The organic integrity of our product offers a strong base to explore the use in many different environments, vehicles, and substrates.

The unique properties of IntelliParticle has positioned us to work on and develop diverse areas of heat production and transfer

  • Economic Heat production
  • Stable TCR 0 /Weather ability/ salt spray hours
  • Film smoothness
  • Sprayable
  • Conductivity /thermal stability
  • Longevity /electrical stability
  • EMI RAF/Microwave absorbency

Functions as a fire barrier/retardant

When utilised as an additive within Paint and Ink IntelliParticle makes a significant contribution to the heat transfer industry.

We are currently creating a Conductive Ink with a large ink manufacturer and a range of unique paint products with several large paint manufacturers.

The ink has a low surface resistance and is unusually conductive without high metal content. The Ink application is suitable for coating computer circuits, for screen printing conductive stickers, screen printing on Electric boards, heated flooring for timbers, plywood – painted on.

In its most simple form, IntelliParticle as an additive ingredient to Paint can be applied to any surface to create heat and/or to provide shielding benefits, including walls, surfaces, products, within pipes to melt grease, anti-freeze solutions, driveways, walls, floors, inside pipes, or any surface it is required.
The product is unique in that it can be painted onto multidimensional surfaces!

The product is a liquid and a paste that can bring heat efficiently directly to where it is needed and most effective!

The IntelliParticle team is working with clients to provide various uses for our product.

Whilst our current collaborations see our efforts applied to the development of our product for glass, paint and ink, we are very keen to establish working relationships with clients who would benefit from our product.

Our Patent covers Plastic, Polymers and Resin, we are working with polymer and making it conductive. We foresee the uses for IntelliParticle in this vehicle as being somewhat endless, used for everything from a heated wire, solving ice adhesion issues to providing inexpensive conveniences and luxuries such as heated seats for motorcycles.

The IntelliParticle product enters a remarkably unique world with its applications in glass!

Our product can withstand very high temperatures and we have developed blended glass pastes that can fire onto metal , ceramics, glass and porcelain .

This is significant, as for example , once metal is enamelled, the enamel insulates the metal. IntelliParticle can then be glassed onto the protective enamel and an electrical charge delivered allowing heating to take place. A simple example for the application of this product would be to use IntelliPrticle to produce a low energy enamelled fry pan, however, the scope of application allows for larger scale possibilities too.

We are currently working on a solar powered hot water system. We have enamelled a metal hot water heater and applied our product.

We are currently using Glass pastes that can painted on to glass, heated up 800 degrees to bring the glass to melting point and then it becomes a solid glass element upon cooling, that can then deploy resistant heating providing the following:

  • Warming trays
  • Solar powered Hot water system
  • Low energy Fry pan
  • Jug
  • Heating element for any product
  • Heating element for dishwasher
  • Heating element for oven
  • Hot box for catering

On Metal
Enamelling our product on to metal provides broad scope for a multitude of development ideas!

  • Hot water system
  • Spa tub
  • Bath tub

Our product can even be applied to the length of a steel pipe to create heat. We envisage there are a plethora of industrial applications for our product we haven’t thought of yet and many industries who could benefit from the product being used in this way. Pre heating sump on an aircraft, racing cars, large truck, mining vehicles. How could you use our Product?

Working with a medium sized concrete company we are exploring the various ways of using our particles to assist with curing times and increasing mpa .

The two uses for the product in concrete are

  1. to heat concrete for domestic uses
  2. to heat concrete during the construction process

The potential for development in this area is huge and we are excited by the prospect of how our product can make a major impact and be utilised especially within the Building and Construction industry with endless uses: To heat driveways, swimming pools, floors and homes to name a few.

When combined with a water born epoxy hydrophobic it can be utilised providing safe solutions for the outdoor use of electrics.

As our product can withstand very high temperatures we have developed blended glass pastes that can fire onto, ceramics, glass and porcelain.

The opportunities are endless! We have successfully welded the product to the back edge of a variety of ceramic tiles which when supplied with a electronic charge developed a radiant heat. Suitable for a variety of high-temperature industrial applications as well as aesthetic design and decoration solutions.

We are keen to develop this concept with interested parties. This can be a significant game changer – the possibilities are endless from Industrial applications to providing conveniences and luxuries to the everyday consumer. Heated Plates, heated floor tiles, wall tiles, pipes, etc